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Friday, April 15, 2005

back after short vacation

I was on a short trip to India.
Well i had been to madurai, the same old temple city.
It was on singapore airways and trip was hectic & fantastic.

There is not even a single change in madurai except
the fact tha high court has ordered to demolish the
small temples, statues on roads & traffic signals.

Otherwise the idly shops and parotta shops have grown
abruptly along with the T cum Vada Shops.For Madurai
Residents, these are the energy providers.

I didn't miss Madurai Jeegardhandaa (it's a kind of ice cream
with basanthi, jelly,etc )also at Manjanakaara Street apart from
having spicy chilli Parota from "Revathi Tiffin Center" arasamaram.

Visited Amirtham Sweets couple of times to grab lots of sweets
and Karam. Also tasted delicious varities of Arun icecreams also.

Also didnt forget to eat "Koathi Parotta" with spicy kaara kolambo
from the famous "Raabiya" at Chinna Kadai Street.

Visited Meenakshi Amman & Madana Gopal Temple after a long pause.

Felt really sad ...for coming back to US.
"Sorgamae Endraalum adhu Namoorra Pola Varumaa"...


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