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Monday, May 23, 2005

Inside Rahman's Panchathan Inn...

Everybody knows about Rahman's Panchathan Inn Studio at chennai which is one of the state of art. It's really excited to know about some of his equipments. Even though i don't know much about all these equipments, i found it excited to read. i have compiled these info from couple of sites and from other rahman fans.

The Acoustic Design & Architectural plans for the studios were made by Studio 440 , acoustic architects from CA, USA who have designed studios for Interscope/ Universal Music Group , Warner Brothers , Burbank , California and Saban Entertainment , just to name a few.The studios will not only house a full-blown Recording Suite but also a Film Mix Stage where final mix-downs will take place.

A local Architectural and Construction Company in Chennai has been appointed to execute the project and to ensure that all construction is done according to Studio 440's stringent plans and design. Studio 440 is overseeing the construction through site visits and correspondance together with DAXCO DIGITAL.

The Control Room is equipped with a 140 channel Euphonix System 5-M Digital Mixing Console with 2 cores . Having worked in several top studios in the UK , USA & Canada , Rahman had the opportunity to work with and evaluate all the large format consoles currently available in the market. He decided to go for the Euphonix System 5 as it gives him the speed, power and flexibility that he needs for his work which ranges from Music Recording & Mixing to 5.1 Mixing . Another important factor for Rahman was that the System 5 supports 24-bit / 96KhZ operation which allows him to work in the highest quality digital environment and to be ready for DVD Audio .

Recording will be done on the Euphonix 48-track 96kHz/ 24-bit R-1 Digital Audio Multi-track Recorder . The decision to use the R-1 Recorder was a natural one for Rahman, as it features a simple user-interface, superior sound quality , is highly efficient and reliable - and at 24bit / 96K perfect for DVD Audio .

The Monitoring System is a Miller & Kreisel 5.1 surround THX system. Some of the Outboard equipment includes Manley, Focusrite, Lexicon -960L,TC-6000

The Mix stage will be home to Thomlinson Holmen's Terrasect Speakers and the Main studio will be using exclusively designed George Massenburg Speakers.

Through the combination of professional design by Studio 440 , consultation and supply of state-of-the-art equipment by DAXCO DIGITAL , A.R. Rahman's Panchathan Record Inn will be one of the best designed and equipped Recording Studio in Asia.

Rahman tried DVD Audio with Boys. I guess he should be doing that with couple of more films. With Piracy and Mp3 killing the whole audio market,Hope Film Industry would come out with some solution.

His team includes Sound Engineers, H.Sridhar, S.Sivakumar & Aditya Modi {i guess, he is that Nayagan "Nallavara Kaetavara" KID). His manager Noell James, and Co-Ordinator Samidurai.

Check out few more info. on the equipments that our boss uses during composing

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Few his most awaited future projects are God Father, BF, The Rising and Water.


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