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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Kannadaasan Pirandhanaal

“Evan Pola Yaar Endru Oor Solla Vaendum !”.

This line applies to our Kavipaerarasu Kannadasan whose innumerous tamil songs has revolutionized whole south culture. they were in the form of inspirations, sentiments, advises. it reached millions with strong messages which not only made them to analyze the meaning but also gave them whole sense of relaxation.

Most of the time things happen in life in a very random fashion. Some assumes
that either it is pre determined to happen. They call it as “fate”. “Thalai ezhuthu”
is the term used in tamil. Kavignar wrote scintillating verses about this theory
which goes like this:

“Kan Poana Pokeelae Kaal Poagalaama ?
Kaal Poaana Poakeelae Manam Poagalama ?”.

This song really rocks. I guess it is from “Panam Padaithavan”. B/W Movie.
Vishwanathan – Ramamurthy Music with good chorus and Western group dance,
Old day super star MGR singing with stunning voice of TMS were all added advantages
to this melody.

Simple Lyrics like “Kaalangalil aval Vasantham”…were also my favourite.


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