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Monday, October 03, 2005

Laws of Projects and Teams

[from one of my friend]

Law 1 : The good looking babes always join the other projects.

Law 2 a : Your project is always an ALL - MALE team.


Law 2 b: The female joining your project is always not that much good looking.

Law 3 : A Good looking girl joins that project which already has the maximum number of good looking girls.

Law 4 : Do not make the mistake of calling any girl in your project bad looking; because if and when the new girls joins, you start

repenting your previous statement, start calling the previous one good looking, your tension increases and you lose your sleep and hair.

Law 5 : Bad looking girls do not come singly; they come in pairs.

Law 6 : And in the remote case that a good looking girl does join your project the following scenarios are likely:

She is married
She is engaged
She has a boyfriend [applies to lot of cases]

Law 7 : Do not think that you are the most frustrated person in the project; there is always some one more frustrated than you. ekaraiku akarai pachai !


At 8:04 PM, Blogger kalai said...

supperrrr...funny one!! but i havent experienced anything of this sort!! :(


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