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Friday, December 16, 2005

King Kong

Last year, this time, Mel Gibson was almost making a billion dollar for his "passion of the christ". Without any doubt, this year 3 Times Academy Award Winner, Peter Jackson has all chances of making more for his Stupendous and exceptional $2 billion "King Kong". Rwanda Research,132 sensors and lot of study madeAndy Serkis to come out with minute movements of monster computer generated king kong hulking, roaring on the screen apart from expressing sentimental emotions and love.

42 years old British Blonde Naomi Watts looks like a teen ager in the movie. No wonder beast fell in love with her.

King kong thrasing dinosar enemies, wonderful photography, kool dolby surround (african kongo beats), pre-historic creatures chase, wonderful depiction of skull island, native pole vaulters, romantic scenes between kong and ann at frozen lake, empire state building roar are the best in the movie. yes, there are quite a bit of minus points.

1) 3 hrs of bum numbing lengthy movie (pinnae enna, "IDAIVAELAAI" yaa poatu keetu irupaanga) .
2) Slow start - Peter Jackson wasted lot of initial reels on explaining carl denhem's passion for the movie and search for his heroine.
3) By the time, King Kong enters Pop corn and Pepsi gets over. Known Climax !!
4) Most of the time the ratio of King kong to other characters and buildings vary drastically.

Final verdict is "its a pretty damn cool bloody movie by best director. watch it in theater."


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