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Monday, May 22, 2006

Da Vinci - Don't Miss it....

2 hrs fiction. Exotic locations and 'Mysterious'(??) thriller.
The biggest mistake the director committed is that he has done all his attempts to make a straight forward cinema from the novel without even adding pinch of masala. Probably the toughest job should have been slick editing. I was expecting good engima kind of european music in the background. it wasn't good. photography was addorable. nothing great.

BTW, Dont get outside for popcorn if you are watching the movie in phoenix. there were church people giving away pamphlet containing sunday mass & their church bishop answering Dan brown's Question.

Can you belive, they asked my friend, smoking outside, to get baptised ?

Ethanai kalaam thaan Eamaatruvaar indhaa naateelae...


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