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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Confused Apple ??

Wild Strategy of Steve Jobs.

Regarding their software development center shut down, apple has claimed that the cost of indian engineers have drastically gone up that they couldn't afford them.

Visionaries think different haan...


At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Dinesh said...

First ... I don't know why your site is giving me Pop up ads ... Firefox killed the popup but still, I am curious !

Second ... the article is not well written. He is comparing a BPO outsourcing to facilitate customers worldwide with a Local outfit partnership for Sales and Marketing of products in the country alone. Two different aspects. As for BPO, Apple customers are demanding and they didn't have a good feeling when the customer service was outsourced to India.

This is not even remotely Wild in the diction of Steve Jobs. Consider this, he killed PowerPC and switched to Intel ...everyone called it wild ... but now Mac runs Windows and an opportunity to increase market share.

In his early days, he killed an entire contract with a chip maker before he switched to the 68K motorola chip for the Mac.
Jobs is aggressive as always!

At 9:54 PM, Blogger crsathish said...

"Good feeling" is something which will get implemented as the concern grows and the way mgt take cares of their employees which ultimately motivates them to do good delivery.
that is how dhaksh-IBM, progeon-Infy, CLi3L-ITC operates in BPO space. i strongly believe that apple wanted to give strong message to asian workers reg. outsourcing. but everybody is now laughing at them.
for brave strategies, Larry Ellison is the man. he is known for his wild strategies. Oracle India's growth is sky rocketing.


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