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Friday, February 22, 2008

Jodha Akbar - Kudos to Asutosh, Hrithik, Rahman !!

After Lagaan and Swadesh, Asutosh has come out with a brilliant execution of the (real ?) love story between Mogul Emperor Salaludhin Akbar and Hindu Rajput Princess Jodha Bai. During the beginning of the movie, they declare that there are various stories based on the history but the one they shot is the one they framed after lot of research into history. leaving the history part aside...
From a picture perspective, the movie has got all the contents in it in equal amount.
Most of the time the period movies (Mangal Pandey, Bhagat Singh) flops because of its screenplay, pain in execution(with 1000 additional actors), Known Story -read in various history books. But "Jodha Akbar" ain't that cateogory. it's a master piece because of
1) Hrithik's presence as grand mogul "Akbar"...his dialogue delivery skills (Mr.Saxena, at his best ). Chemistry between him and Jodha "Aish". His dance during the Sufi song.(WOW...)

2)Mr.Nithin Desai for his grandly erected sets and Ms.Neeta Lulla's costumes.

3)Brilliant photography of Kiran Deohans Photography...Generally asutosh goes with Anil metha or Mahesh Aney. but this time, it is different different person. his wide camera angles during the war scenes are too good.

4) Rahman's Music - Excellent background score - My favourite songs are Sufi Kwali "Kwaja Mere Kwaja" and Sonu Nigam and Madhushree 's romantic piece titled “In lamhon ke daaman mein”. trumpets and the drums in “Azeem O Shaan Shehenshah”.

GO and watch the movie in theater...don't miss it
My rating is 8/10
We have to be really proud among ourselves to get such rare historic epics made during our life time. Asutosh sir....Kudos to you and your team.


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