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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"Skype & Yahoo IM" Vs "Google IM"

I used Skype to call up a friend in bangalore and the voice quality is awesome. i guess, their VoIP infrastructure should be real kool and the quality of the call is almost like talking over Cisco VoIP phones.Their Skypeout has become very famous in europe and US which allows you to call any local number anywhere in the world. These guys are planning for online games too and i really liked their logo "The whole world can talk free".

Talks have already begun and lot of companies are planning to acquire Skype. Yahoo stands first in the line and they wanted to use skype to foray in to VoIP arena.

Guess google IM is already over hyped and it's gonna take some time for google geeks to beat Yahoo IM who have already introduced pretty good quality voice chat and stealth settings in their beta messenger.

The way these corporats fight buying others, i guess one day there will be only one search engine and it could be GOOGLE as it is trying to sell some stocks and make $4 billion. Guess what...they could start charging too if it is UNO NUMERO.


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