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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Writer Sujatha

All the books of writer sujatha are available online now th' this site. Even though the site is getting ready ( Novels are yet to be loaded ), I really admire how this (young?) writer still has time to write dialogues for 2-3 movies parallely, write articles on leading tamil magazines, do research on azhwars and old tamil books like "Puranaaanuru", read about the latest happenings around 9 plantes from Pizza Uthapam to Nano Technology.

Probably he is one kind of Astaavadhaani who has the maximum capablity to do 10 jobs at the same time and complete it to the surest best level. like they call it in six sigma, 3.4 defective parts per million.

Who can forget his Patriotic dialogues in "Roja" or Naugthy one in "Boys" or Situational/Sentimental dialogues in "Kandukondaen Kandukondaen" or GarudaPuranam in "Anniyan" or Lokparitan in "Aayudha Ezhuthu". If you really wanna love his movie dialogues and wanted to know how good a story telling should be, Watch Writer Madhivaanaan alias Maddy in "Kannathil Muthamitaal".

During my 8th standard, the main motivation behind going th' this chap novel was his TV serial "En Iniya Iyandhira". I started going to libraries in madurai in search of Sujatha Novels. Got a change to read around 10 of his novels. I still preserve "Katradhum Paetradhum" as the biggest treasure or mini encyclopedia.

BTW, is our man scribbling dialogues for Maniratnam's "Guru" too ?


At 8:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No doubt everything that comes from Sujatha's pen is of top quality. But if you want to read the best of Sujatha, find the novel "kagitha changiligal". When I first read this story, I was 18. Today I am 40. This story stayed with me all these years. Even today when I come to the famous last sentence of this story ("ellarum senthundu avarai konnutanga patti") tears swell in my eyes.

The story is just about 40 pages. But what Sujatha achieved in those 40 pages is something others could not in 4000 pages.

At 2:21 AM, Blogger kaliyan said...

Hi. Well said is all i can say .
I have been reading his writings from 1977 . In fact , My friend and I used to make fun of his writing and used to say he was copying from all over. we were too young then u must not forget. I vaguely remember a line from one of his thodar kadhai in a weekly mag . ** samathaa iru ** a direct translation of BE GOOD . and things like that . college over in 1980 and some more courses till 82 and i shifted to sivakasi and i used to read at leat 4, 5 hours every night and got the taste of sujatha . 85 i shifted to bangalore ( again away from my family ) and was busy travelling all over the south by bus, train and what not and the one thing i continued was reading . up to now it had been sujatha, pattukottai prabakar,and a few others . 85 end i got married and 86 back to sivakasi and again back to reading 3, 4 hours a day . 87 to 93 at Madras and was running my own business and slowly the other authors went out and sujatha stayed on and the additions mainly in english ( pgw, rkn , hailey,sheldon and all ) . from 93 to 98 in dubai away from family again and had the fortune of getting into reading of Thi.Jaa which was recommended by balakumaran in one of his novels. Then on completed the rest and these days ( 6 years now) if it is tamil it must be sujatha for me.
Every time i travel from india to the place of my work my free baggage allowance would consist of 50 % books and only a mad man would buy the same titles published by various publishers ! no regrets. sujatha's wriring speed does not match my reading speed u see ! and i cant read anything or any one else .
was lucky to meet him when he came here on a visit . was spell bound in the truest sense. AGain mustered the courage to go and meet him in his house in chennai last month .
Kagitha sangili or katradhum petradhum or movies or bakthi or saavi tempt panna laundry kanakku edhu aanalum srirangam ranganna ezhudhinal , amudhame !
sujatha ezhuthai paditha kangal
matrondinai parkkadhu.

(i am not proof reading this before posting it for obvious reasons)

At 2:26 AM, Blogger kaliyan said...

Hi , I agree with u . if it is tail it must be sujatha is all i can say . proud to have read all his writings ( almost ! ) . in this comments box , poured out my heart and nothing happens and this silly thing keeps asking me to copy some characters time and again and doubt if this will get posted .

At 2:33 AM, Blogger kaliyan said...

hi ,

there were no clear instructions on how to post this and i lost what i wrote. trust me i had poured my heart out. I am a great fan of sujatha and love reading his writings and have come to a stage where nothing else will do . I end up buying the same title published by various publishers ! . let me post this and if ok will try to recollect what all i had written and comment again.

At 1:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any one have read "Aiyiram putthagam". It is about the burning of old tamil library in Srilanka by the Srilankan army (This is a true incident). A Srilankan tamil comes to Chennai and and tries to explain the tragedy to the politicians here. But the politicians ignore him and in public they show a face as if they are the protectors of tamil.

This is a short story just more than a page. But the kind of impact it has created on me, I dont think I can forget in my life.


At 8:42 AM, Anonymous chami said...

Its been a previlage to live in the era where persons like Sujatha Lives.i am really proud.He is an inspiration for all of us.i sincerely pray to god to give a long live for Mr.sujatha.

i cant wait for shankars Robo to get released..

At 11:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole tamil world will miss a great versatile person.. I'm deeply upset by reading the news... We miss you...

You are great.! -Madhu


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