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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Dr.Kamal - Get well soon !

Kamal Hassan recently met with an accident while shooting for his latest film "Mumbai Xpress" in Mumbai. Thankfully what could have been a serious accident turned into a comparatively minor mishap thanks to Hassan's presence of mind.

It was a safe stunt of the film but while Kamal was riding the bike with a child artist (Hardik), the throttle lost control and the bike jumped almost 6 feet above the ground level and crashed on a wall. Sensing the situation Kamal Hassan took the child's weight and fortunately the child kept out unscathed.

Our man commented that nothing has happen to the 'healthy' man and he plans to continue the shooting asap.That shows his sincerity towards deliveries.

Once he told in a interview that neither he gets bored nor he requires a vacation during shooting for film as he enjoyes each and every moment of his work.

dear Dr., get well soon !


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