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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Anniyan - another review !!

Somehave i managed to get Anniyan tickets last saturday in Tempe Cinema, AZ.
Myself along with 4 of friends invaded the theater and surprisingly the
house was full with maapillais, machi and machinichis.Lot of reviews about this movie going on aroud blogs. Enaaoda final verdict is that movie is good with strong message, good camera angels, niche comedy.My humble request is not to compare this movie with any of the earlier shankar's venture as the theme is entirely different.
if you feel that,rule is meant for broken, you get hurt.

Movie stresses and warns all the citizens to be responsible and sincere.
there is a sequence in movie "Bharathi" where bharathiyar says "naatupatru kala kaadhal ayee veetadhu. maraigumaa thaan makkal kaamaekeereaanga". This movie hero tries to show it explicity and undergoes neglection by all his surroundings and society. to read complete review, click here

+ pts of the movie

Shankar's style of capturing the day today events are as natural [charlie's character, 'gandhi jayathi' wine shop, consumer court scene, FIR Complaint, Sangeetha Academy Scene + CA boy, 'Veetu Vadagai' lady's dialogue]as it happens in a near by street.

Sujatha's sharp dialogues were sensitive enough to hurt any irresponsible citizen and make him think.(Gandhi Jayanthi oratory, Nedu Mudi Venu's Court Scene, Vikram's Kumural, Vijayashree-Padmashree)

Anniyan opens in the tremendous background of Triplicane temple where ambi (Vikram) & co. is out for
Margali Bhajan with his dad (Nedumudi Venu), friend(Vikram) and Pakathu aathu
maama. Ambi alias "Rules Ramanjuam" is a sincere lawyer who doesn't tolerate
"fault break wires", "unhygenic railway food", "drunkard cum electrical wireman"
& runs to consumer court.

"Multi Personality Disorder" Syndrome evokes his "anniyan" out and goes out killing all these guys. "Edhukku poyee enna kollanumaa ?" is the question put forward before these guys attain "Garuda Puranam" type of Naraga 'Killing'. "5 Kodi Paeru, Anjee Anjee Tadava, 5 Paisaa Thirudunaaa periya thappu thaan" is the answer given.

Ambi turns into Remo and ramps with Yana Gupta and speaks Yo english to woo Sadha.
Konjam over thaan...

Anniyan appers infront of whole full Nehru Stadium crowd and warns that killing of the irresponsible citizens and govt. servants will continue and claims that he has the full database through his site.

Movie ends where everybody changes and become responsible tax payers ["oroae laundryuku poatu edhutha maadheree palicheenoo irukku daa" is the dialogue where a old dad tells to his NRI Son via phone.] but not AMBI. (Watch the climax guys...director ennamoa solla naineecheerukaaru ??)

Hats off to camera work by Manikandan and Ravi verman who have captured Amsterdam Flower Show, Kung fu flight sequences with Time Slicing Technique, CG team portraying Naragam (Rs 3 lacs/ Sec???? tooo much paa), Sujatha's sharp dialogues, Peter Hyne's stunts, Saabu Cyril's stunning art work ("Randaakaa ..Randakaa..." Paint work, Model Ramp up sets, "Kanum Kanum Nokia", Thiruvayaaru Scene), Harris Jayaraj background BGM ("Nanda gopala" when ambi meets sadha), V.T.Vijayan's Editing, Prakash Raj and Vivek ("Kotaya veeteengala??":-):-):-)).

Sure it'ssuperhit

Shankar sir, next time, indha maadheeree theme ( Orro Flashback-Pathu murder-Yeatu Kumural) Vaendaamae ? Yeadhachu nalla Historic or Independence subject pannalaam. !!


At 6:13 PM, Blogger Ram.C said...

a complete positive review..

hope shankar hears your request for a different movie next time


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