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Friday, June 03, 2005

Me and Mani

A scene in Kanathil Muthamitaal to begin with. Madhavan reaches Colombo to give a speech at Tamil Sangham. As a engineer and writer, Maddy says that "Sirlar solgeeraargal Pirapilayae Ezhuthaalan aaga vaendum endru. Poi. Suthaa Poi.Ezhuthaalan edhayum Unnipaaga Gavaneekaa Vaendum.Thaan Ezhudhum Kadhai Matravargal adhai veeda nandraaga ezhudhee veeduvaargala endru yoaseekaavaedum".
I guess Mani falls under this category.i guess he would go throguh his script atleast 100 times before he begins shooting it.before 10 years,i gotta chance to see his "Bombay" shooting of "kanallanae" song @ Madurai Thirumalai Nayakar Palace [My residence is very close to this palace].Rajiv Menon, the Photographer of the movie was yelling at all the dancers for not performing slow movements well. Mani was reshooting [arvind swamy seeing manisha from huge pillars] atleast 15 times. i was just wondering what is he expecting from that 3 seconds scene where arvind swamy will peep through pillars ["Maraindheerendhu paarkum Marumam enna"] in a slow motion. He was a very cool dude handling the situation very well. No wonder he could bring out energic camera angels and cheerful scripts. in his recent vikatan interview he made very clear that nayagan was 100% team work and as a responsible citizen he loves to tell the story about terrorism. Wouldnt it be a magic again if kamalhaasan and mani team works again.


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