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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Kadhaal Sadugudu...

"alaiyae sitRalaiyae", a peppy song from Alaipayuthe is one of Manirathnam's Master Art in Duet filming. Sharp Voice of SPB.Charan's and Naveen's Hum are 2 plus points for this song along with Rahman's astounding Music with good guitar base. PC.Sriram camera defines the art of filming a love duet in a very small room shooting the Chemincal between Karthik and Sakthi.I guess the full song is choreographed (Farah Khan)in a reverse order and then rewinded during the editing in a slow motion. Shankar used the same technique in "Kuruku Cheruthavalae" Song in Mudhalvan where Arjun and Manisha will raise from water without single droplets on their face which is also actually a reverse-editing.

Hats off to Vairamuthu who has given unlimited good songs like this...


"neeraattum naeraththil ennannaiyaaginRaay
vaalaattum naeraththil en piLLaiyaaginRaay
naanaagath thottaaloa muLLaagip poaginRaay
neeyaagath thottaaloa poovaaga aaginRaay
en kaNNeer en thaNNeer ellaamae neeyanbae
en inbam en thunbam ellaamae neeyanbae
en vaazhvum en saavum un kaNNil asaivilae"


un uLLam naan kaaNa ennaayuL poadhaadhu
en anbai naan solla un kaalam poadhaadhu
en kaadhal iNaiyenna un nenju kaaNaadhu
aanaalum en muththam sollaamal poagaadhu
kondaalum konRaalum en sondham needhaanae
ninRaalum senRaalum un sondham naandhaanae
un vaetkai pinnaalae en vaazhkkai vaLaiyumae


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