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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Paheli - Review

Simple Fairy tale kind of triangular love story between hero, heroine and ghost weaved in the pre historic background of rajashtan Produced by Shahrukh under "Red Chilli Entertainment". here is the short story line...

Shahrukh leaves Rani after the first day of Shaadhi promising his dad anupam that he would multiply his investments. Watching this, a ghost takes the role of Shahrukh and loves Rani & whole family. When the original returns, what duplicate 'ghost' does is the rest of the tale.

A simple theme vividly told but with missing punches and . Slow Screenplay and relationship handling between characters made the movie flop.

Theme of the movie (Is there anything like that?) is that leading a simple life with wife and family members is better than earning $ away. (NRIs...engayaao ideekudhae).

Rani looks gorgeous and sumptuous. After a long time, Shahrukh came alive with natural performance without artifical love drips ans sentimental mourns.
Shahrukh was mentioning about Amol Palekar as a very good perfectionist. Audience will really think about that for having handled a vague story with hazy screenplay. Sandhya Gokhlae's ( Wife of Amol Palekar) naive dialogues (sometimes rajasthani ascent) were real sleeping piles. Bachan appears and disappears as any other extra artists but he tries to over act asusual.

MM,Kareem (Keeravani in Telugu, Maragadamani in Tamil) lost wonderful chance of giving good country music. except that hariharan song, every other song made audience go out for fag frequently including girls here in US.The best part of the movie is Photography of Ravi.K.Chandran ( No wonder Shahrukh & whole Paheli team waited for months to get his call sheet) colorful photography with red backgroud,Cool angels and bangels, Sensitive lights. Each and every frame of the movie if ripped has the potential to become good 3D Wall paper.


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