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Its a blog on Emerging Technologies, Music, Film reviews. Have to name this blog as "We are the world" as that particular song is one of my all time favourite written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and sung by Multi-artist group of Dianna ross, Ray charles,Steve wonder,etc.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


10 more days for 9/11 which is a day to remember the innocent people who were buried alive in NY. Every responsible person in this world will condemn this even tough lot of stupid things are done by current goverment's "war against terror" only to loot and destroy the oil resources in iraq, afganisthan.

Even tough michael moore Farenhiet 9/11 wasn't able to edge out the ignorance from americans mind, some of the stickers in car is really scary. one such was " we still remember 9/11. we wouldn't forget it". Some people study nonviolence only in books ? or may be they remember gandhi only if it is attached with another word like 'restaurant' or 'cuisine' just to taste the spicy indian curries.

"Even action has a equal and opposite reaction"

Is Semi nude pic of Sadaam Hussain by london weekly sun is something to do with recent bomb blasts in london ?.

2 days back, Mr.President was shouting behind the TV Screens 'we wouldn't bring back our soldiers from iraq. we fight the war until we win, until we win against terror'. same time almost new orleans reported that thousands are feared dead destroying the entire city rattling entire energy market. recent announcement should bring some relief to all these people.


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