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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hum & Tum (Yash, Aditya Chopra)

Yash chopra's Darr was good. even though king khan overacted and cries for kiran,i liked that movie because of juhi, good blend of screenplay and story, shiv-hari's wonderful music.(what happened this music directors ? they are supposed to be best tablaeu players)

Last weekend, accidentally i had to watch "hum tum" which gave away national award to saif. i hate to watch anu malik movies because of its wild background score with idiotic sentimental chorus.when do these bollywood chaps will come to real world and make a story & give a good music...god knows ? somehave they are able to market it and make bucks. what non-sense songs in the movie ? i still remember somebody telling me that 'hum tum' songs are big hit. those songs wouldnt even fall under music category, all i can say is, they are voice recordings/renderings of male and female playback singers with a mix of standard hindi instruments. do these music directors listen to rahman or atleast old hindi songs ?

the story line was so artificial and to hell with, movie is a hit. rishikapoor appeared full screen and sang that same old bobby's song in paris (which is actually amsterdam)and rani's overacting & her voice...somehave i hated rani from the beginning. Saif was quite natural and his character was just a enlargement of dil chatha hai's sameer with little bit responsiblity of making cartoons. but national award is ...konjam over thaan. few questioned jury sharmila tagore who is supposed to be the mum of saif, not in the movie, in the real life.

when do these chopras and johars would learn direction and story telling without bad sentiments? not all bollywood directors are like this. faran akthar,deepa metha, sekhar kapur, subash ghai, ketha mehta, rakesh mairas are known for their directions.

Even though, 'hum tum' is based on a plot of english movie "When Harry Met Sally",the custom made hindi masala did spoil the movie.

Better luck to make some good movies guys!


At 2:17 AM, Blogger The Constant Variable said...

Stumbled in your blog after searching for sourashtra blogs...just started reading..will read ur other posts also..

yeah..never really liked any movies from the yash chopra clan...all artificial..big stars..all shit tho...aski ven mos kanus rhayi...


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