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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dosa Maavu @ indian store

It was a usual weekend shopping in indian store at chandler, AZ. after buying bittergourd, ginger, rice items, frozen partos, there was a small box with idli and dosa maavu. i cant think of making idli but wait why dont i try dosa maavu ? it has been long time since i made dosa here. even i hesitate myself to make that GITS Rava dosa stuff as am happy with cereal breakfast and a cup of soya milk. i really miss crispy dosa with onion chutney, ginger and brinjal chutneys. today morning i was able to make dosa and had it with 2 days old sambhar. not bad tough !!

while i read that they sell maavu on wheels in chennai, there are couple of neighbours near to my house in madurai who sell this. when was there last time, i was surprised by puliyodharai (ambat bath) mix, vatha kozhambu mix ad on a local cable tv.

Night dinner was at india gate which is supposed to be a authentic punjabi restaurant. sardar charged me $15 bucks without tax for a complete veg thali. he gave me some so called soup and 2 rotis with 3 tandoori masalas. there was a bengali/gujarathi marraige going on the other side of the restaurant. i could hear aunties (courtsey: walmart makeup kit) and uncle speaking "Hinglish" while couple of kids were dancing for some trillion times played desi MTV 90 hits along with fifties and sixties uncle who were wearing the sepoy mutiny suit. but wait, i wasnt able to see newly wed couples there? either they should have left the place ealier for some ritual or...anyway,vazhga manamakkal !


At 11:37 AM, Blogger Dinesh babu said...

Dude! Your blog is quite interesting, full of masala, A-Z information.

At 11:42 AM, Blogger crsathish said...

thanks dinu !


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