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Its a blog on Emerging Technologies, Music, Film reviews. Have to name this blog as "We are the world" as that particular song is one of my all time favourite written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and sung by Multi-artist group of Dianna ross, Ray charles,Steve wonder,etc.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

MDs -Tamil Film Music Industry

apart from rahman,new music director yuvanshankar raja did all his projects very well followed by Vidyasagar (Chandramukhi) ,Joshua Sridhar (Kathal), Harris Jayaraj (kaaka Kaaka), Bharadwaj(VasoolRaja).

Rahman's swadesh, new, yuva+AE were sensational hit. his trend was to introduce atleast 4-5 new singers on every movie. it's extremely followed by all the above mentioned music directors. Nitish, Sathyan, Anusha, Premji, Maheeva, Sayonara Philip, Sunitha Sarathy, Melwyn, Nakul, Haricharan...these are few names. good news is that each singers have their own style. For ex: Melwyn and nakul are singing very good rap.if we mix 50% of yesudas voice with hariharan's voice, we get Haricharan's voice. no words to explain abt these new comers.u have to really listen to them to know abt them. most of them are engineering & other college students.

last yrs bigget musical hit was 7G Rainbow Colony - Yuvan Shankar Raja, Followed by Rahman's AE,new,meenakshi, then come Joshua karthik's kathal. Most of the music of Vijay (chk out his latest movie SACHIN...music is too good)+ Vikaram (saamy, arul) became huge hit.

Now am listening to Yuvan Shankar Raja's "Arindhum Ariyaamalum", Harris's "Anniyan", Thalaivar's "Chandramukhi", Vijay's "Sachin", Rahman's BOSE-THE FORGOTTEN HERO.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Last week in Phoenix

Last week, i was in a important training program for 4 days in Phoenix. It was a real good building @ Camelsback road.
Near to that skyscrapper there were CISCO, ACCENTURE, SUN MICROSYSTEMS, etc. there was one big civil engineering/const
firm too. training went on well. everyday afternoon i did spent around $20 since our team went outside to lunch along with the trainer mr.david.
first day we went to ARIBA, next day to mexican restaurant, then to CHEESECAKEFACTORY and then to CUBAN restaurant.
bad thing was i have to spent $20 for every lunch eating some unknown country's food. but it was good. i always ask them to make
i did watch "kandukondaen kandukondaen". first time i watched this movie was along with my friend called karthik in JP nagar,
bangalore theater. Sujatha's dialogue, Rahman's Music, Ravi.K.Chandran's Camera try to nullify director Rajiv Menon's Errorneous
Screenplay & Direction in lot of places. I remember Rajiv Menon's interest on Bharathiyar Kavithaigal from his interviews.
enthu level always climb up the moment u listen to his tamil.
"Manadhil Urudhi Vaendum
Vaakeneelae Inimai Vaendum
Ninaivu Nalladhu Vaendum
Naerungeena Poarul kai pada Vaendum"

Friday, April 22, 2005

Tech news...

Check out the Professional SLR Digital Camera (Canon and Nikkon) difference & review for NYTimes

Sun announces JES for simplyfying enterprise infrastructure

Check out browser Opera 8 review. I use this Java browser which is pretty cool

Search and My History Shall Find...Google !

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"The Hindu"...when are we getting new looks on net ?

chk out this link on the hindu news paper site

Rajnikanth...highest paid actor in india.

from sify.com

Chandramukhi has made its hero Rajnikanth the highest paid actor in India! He is reported to have received 50 percent of the gross sale from the film, roughly about 15 Crore ($3 Million)!
Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi is rumoured to be getting Rs 10 Crore as remuneration while the ‘numero uno’ of Bollywood Sharukh Khan demands and gets Rs 5 Crore for a film.

Economists and trade analysts are throwing up their hand and asking the valid question – How is it possible for an actor to get so much money from Tamil film market which is so limited? The answer is there for everyone to see.

Rajnikanth’s citadel in Tamilnadu is the NSC (North Arcot, South Arcot, Chengalpetu)- Chennai city area comprising Chennai city to Ulundurpet in South and Tirupathur in South West. This area is one-fourth the size of Mumbai territory for Bollywood films in comparison.

Sharukh Khan’s Main Hoon Na was sold for Mumbai territory for a record Rs 3.5 Crore to Ashta Vinayak films while Rajnikanth’s Chandramukhi got nearly Rs 6 Crore as Minimum Guarantee (MG) from theatres in NSC, city area alone!

In Bollywood, there is no hero worship like in Tamilnadu. A new release of Rajnikanth in Tamilnadu for the ordinary people is like an assembly election for viewers that happen once in a blue moon. People go to the theatres religiously to watch his films just like casting votes and affirming their faith in the superstar.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Kaneerel Thee Valarthu...

Was listening to ARR old collection.
Movie was also decently good with PC.Sriram's photography.
Few of the lines from Vairamuthu's Lyrics from MayMadham is worth mentioning.

"Paal Mazhaiku Kaathirukum Bhoomi Ellaya - Oroo
Pandigaiku Kaathirukum Saamy Ellaya
Varthai Vara Kaathirukum Kavignan Ellaya"

Hats off to him!

Don't have a LAN connection, use your body

Forget LAN or Bluetooth here's a way to turn yourself into a walking
talking file transfer machine. Japanese company Nippon Telegraph and
Telephone Corporation (NTT) has developed technology that uses the human
body as a high-speed network. What's more, it also forms a communications
link between people and electronic devices.

A RedTacton transmitter couples with extremely weak electric fields on the
surface of the body. The weak electric fields pass through the body to a
RedTacton receiver, where the weak electric fields affects the optical
properties of an electro-optic crystal.

The extent to which the optical properties are changed is detected by laser
light which is then converted to an electrical signal by a detector

The HAN or Human Area Networks is scheduled to go on sale next year.

NTT says that the technology can be developed as an alternative to
Bluetooth or WLAN technologies for very short range, high-speed

The transceivers use an optical sensor to interpret fluctuations in the
electric field of the human body through the use of a miniature laser and a
crystal mounted in the transceivers.

The weak electric fields that exist around many kinds of objects -
including metals, many plastics, glass, ceramics and liquids - make
communication between transceivers possible, NTT said. The system is able
to work through socks, shoes and gloves, and on both dry and oily skin.

A person equipped with a sensor can exchange data with another person
carrying a sensor by shaking hands, and between a person and a device by
touching it, walking on it, or by sitting on it, the company said.

The transceivers, which require a PCMCIA card to connect with an electronic
device, use several hundred milliwatts of power and are insulated to avoid
electric shocks.

Mumbai Express arrived in Phoenix...

Mumbai Express arrived in Phoenix
It's in Hindi. I wanted to see Tamil Version first. )-: ?! I really doubt whether Saurabh Sukhla, Hindi Dialogue
writer would have done enough justice as Crazy Mohan (Dialogue writer for all kamal's Comedy Blockbusters) will do.
Yuva miserably failed in this attempt.
"Piravi Pizhai
Kaadhal Thirutham"

First show experience - Chandramukhi Review by a blogger....

Thursday, April 14, 2005
Chandramukhi - Been there! Seen it!

Will take you through the AMAZING experience of seeing a Superstar Movie
- First Day First Show.

The day started off pretty early. I woke up at 5.00 in the morning.
Sriga, Sriram, Murali, Sundar and myself, everyone assembled at Murugan
theatre, Ambattur, at 7.00 am. Yours truly was the first one to stand in
Y-E-S. I was the FIRST one to enter the theatre. Quite an achievement.

People had come with huge pumpkins, camphor, garland, posters, banners,
colour papers, rose petals etc etc. So, you can imagine the kind of
enthusiasm there. While I was standing first in the queue, the crowd
became restless, and we were all shouting to open the gates.

An inspector and a few constables came in. The show was scheduled at
8.30 am, but, seeing the crowd and their enthu levels, the show had to
be advanced to 8.15 am. The gates were opened, and we all ran in.

Inside the theatre, the rasigar mandram members climbed to the screen,
and 25% of the screen was covered by them. No advertisements. Straight
to screening the film. This time, the way SUPERSTAR Rajni would usually
appear has been changed slightly, and it looks cool.

I was a bit apprehensive about the entry scene of Superstar before
seeing the film. I was wondering if P. Vasu would be able to beat
Padaiyappa's entry. But, he DID it. The start was amazing. It was a
fight scene. (Yes!
The one you see in the trailer) The way Superstar's car swirls and
stops, and the way be kicks the villan, it couldn't get any better.
Pumpkins were broken, and of course, you just can't hear any dialogues
for the first 20 minutes.

The fight scene was great, with Superstar looking ultra-cool. No
cigarattes, just a bubble-gum style alone, and that too only in the
first scene. After the fight, the scene shifts to Prabhu's house, where
KR Vijaya makes a special appearance as Prabhu's mother. Due respects
are paid to Shivaji, and rightly so.

I am still wondering why Kamal Hassan is thanked in the credits. Any

The movie moves on to the bungalow which Prabhu buys. Vadivelu and
Rajini combination is a sure hit. Lots of comedy in this movie, unlike
Baba. The first song is 'Devuda Devuda'. The crowd erupted for a
'REPEAT' (yeah, including us of course), but, the policemen had their
say. Watch for who says 'Repeatu' in the song.

Rajini is young and dynamic. Unlike in many other movies, Superstar has
done most of the stunts himself. Ultimate. He is very young in this
movie, and very very stylish in the songs. (Especially the Bommi song)
The fights and the songs are for Superstar fans, and the film is for the
rest of the public. This is a sure 2yrs-80yrs movie, a thorough family
entertainer. No glamour, No vulgarity.

Nayantara's intro song is 'Kokku para para'. Keralathu kutti sooper. She
is simple and good-looking, best suited for the role. The real story is
after the interval. And it is Jothika all the way in the last 45
minutes. This performance of hers' would surely fetch her an award.

If "Actor Rajinikanth's" fan are missing him for all these years, you
would see our 'Parattai' (16 vayadhinile) in the 'Ra raa' song. The way
he says 'Laka laka laka' shows the villan actor in Superstar. And you
should see the response of the crowd.

The crowd won the battle when it came to 'O.. O.. Annanoda paatu'. The
inspector came in, and assured that the song would be repeated, and the
policmen were hailed by the crowd. You should see the way the inspector

When the song was played for the second time, Sriram couldn't be
controlled. He danced with all enthu with anyone who he saw on the way
to the front. And I too danced for sometime. Shouts and Whistles all the
way, and we have lost our vocal-chord now.

It is only after this song does the story starts. Jo's eye-expressions
are too good. I guess Simran wouldn't have given such a performance.

The last song 'Ra raa' - Jo excels again. And that is the climax. After
the 'Chandramukhi' in her is satisfied burning 'Rajini', the way she
says 'Laka laka laka' - watch for that. Good performance Jo!

This film is very very different. No punch dialogues, no cigarattes, no
heroism that is out of the story. A neat film, 200 days material. You
would definitely see a different Rajini in this. If you expect a
Padaiyappa or a Baasha, then, you might not be satisfied with this one.
But, if you want a good film with substance and a bit of Superstarism,
then, this is it. Go with your family after 25 days (if you want to see
the film with dialogues) and enjoy.


Taken from www.theultimatereality.blogspot.com

Currently Chewing...

Being a Resident of Bangalore, I feel ashamed at Vasanthi's article in Indian Express.

One of My friend's Articles (who works for Intel) on
"Http Compression for Web Applications"

Wanna hear some good news abt india.

One of it's founder's article on Rediff.
"DV.Sridharan on Good News India"

April 14 ...News

Sabeer Bhatia's `next' is a Net sharing editing tool...is Microsoft listening ?

Times of India is getting launched in Chennai. Dear TOI guys,Beware that no body can fool Chennaites with a news of actress datings and pregnancy in head lines.Finally "The Hindu" gets new look. Chk out its guide

The Hindu reviews "Mumbai Express.

Cinema Tickets rates - All time High in TN

back after short vacation

I was on a short trip to India.
Well i had been to madurai, the same old temple city.
It was on singapore airways and trip was hectic & fantastic.

There is not even a single change in madurai except
the fact tha high court has ordered to demolish the
small temples, statues on roads & traffic signals.

Otherwise the idly shops and parotta shops have grown
abruptly along with the T cum Vada Shops.For Madurai
Residents, these are the energy providers.

I didn't miss Madurai Jeegardhandaa (it's a kind of ice cream
with basanthi, jelly,etc )also at Manjanakaara Street apart from
having spicy chilli Parota from "Revathi Tiffin Center" arasamaram.

Visited Amirtham Sweets couple of times to grab lots of sweets
and Karam. Also tasted delicious varities of Arun icecreams also.

Also didnt forget to eat "Koathi Parotta" with spicy kaara kolambo
from the famous "Raabiya" at Chinna Kadai Street.

Visited Meenakshi Amman & Madana Gopal Temple after a long pause.

Felt really sad ...for coming back to US.
"Sorgamae Endraalum adhu Namoorra Pola Varumaa"...