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Its a blog on Emerging Technologies, Music, Film reviews. Have to name this blog as "We are the world" as that particular song is one of my all time favourite written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and sung by Multi-artist group of Dianna ross, Ray charles,Steve wonder,etc.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Paheli - Review

Simple Fairy tale kind of triangular love story between hero, heroine and ghost weaved in the pre historic background of rajashtan Produced by Shahrukh under "Red Chilli Entertainment". here is the short story line...

Shahrukh leaves Rani after the first day of Shaadhi promising his dad anupam that he would multiply his investments. Watching this, a ghost takes the role of Shahrukh and loves Rani & whole family. When the original returns, what duplicate 'ghost' does is the rest of the tale.

A simple theme vividly told but with missing punches and . Slow Screenplay and relationship handling between characters made the movie flop.

Theme of the movie (Is there anything like that?) is that leading a simple life with wife and family members is better than earning $ away. (NRIs...engayaao ideekudhae).

Rani looks gorgeous and sumptuous. After a long time, Shahrukh came alive with natural performance without artifical love drips ans sentimental mourns.
Shahrukh was mentioning about Amol Palekar as a very good perfectionist. Audience will really think about that for having handled a vague story with hazy screenplay. Sandhya Gokhlae's ( Wife of Amol Palekar) naive dialogues (sometimes rajasthani ascent) were real sleeping piles. Bachan appears and disappears as any other extra artists but he tries to over act asusual.

MM,Kareem (Keeravani in Telugu, Maragadamani in Tamil) lost wonderful chance of giving good country music. except that hariharan song, every other song made audience go out for fag frequently including girls here in US.The best part of the movie is Photography of Ravi.K.Chandran ( No wonder Shahrukh & whole Paheli team waited for months to get his call sheet) colorful photography with red backgroud,Cool angels and bangels, Sensitive lights. Each and every frame of the movie if ripped has the potential to become good 3D Wall paper.

All about Paul

I always admired Mr.Vivek Paul who nurtured WIPRO from millions to billion. He is now logging out to TPG after 6 years from WIPRO. .My friends in WIPRO were pretty much inspired by the way he answered wiproites questions via Videocon. All the best sir !

Vivek Paul quits

WIPRO Confirms

Why did he quit ?

Where is he heading to?

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Currently Chewing...

Chennai and Bangalore - Least Expensive Cities
Harvest of Misery - Outlook India
Microsoft and Toshiba Partners up for HD-DVD
Google launch Google Video player
walmart.com upgraded to Java 1.5
MS Gunning @ Adobe?
Google share reaches $300

Monday, June 27, 2005

Ganapathiyae Varuvaai

Last saturday morning, i had been to Hindu temple of Arizona which is in Tucson, one and half hour journey from scottsdale via phoenix. It was really good to be there and have the blessing of Vinayagar. that day was auspicious since "Sani payerchee" [ sani yaalaa nalladhu nadhandha sari thaan ] poojas and Navagraha Homas with 108 Shells [by gurukal from chennai...romba superaa slogam sonnaru. he was really dynamic and made everybody also to recite some mantras] was happening with full Swing. Bunch of Tamil guys [supposed to be board of directors of the temple] were managing the entire pooja very well. for more information on the temple and their fund raising programmes, Click here .Hmmm...Yaedho...Saniyaala Nalladhu nadandha sarithaan :-)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Anniyan - another review !!

Somehave i managed to get Anniyan tickets last saturday in Tempe Cinema, AZ.
Myself along with 4 of friends invaded the theater and surprisingly the
house was full with maapillais, machi and machinichis.Lot of reviews about this movie going on aroud blogs. Enaaoda final verdict is that movie is good with strong message, good camera angels, niche comedy.My humble request is not to compare this movie with any of the earlier shankar's venture as the theme is entirely different.
if you feel that,rule is meant for broken, you get hurt.

Movie stresses and warns all the citizens to be responsible and sincere.
there is a sequence in movie "Bharathi" where bharathiyar says "naatupatru kala kaadhal ayee veetadhu. maraigumaa thaan makkal kaamaekeereaanga". This movie hero tries to show it explicity and undergoes neglection by all his surroundings and society. to read complete review, click here

+ pts of the movie

Shankar's style of capturing the day today events are as natural [charlie's character, 'gandhi jayathi' wine shop, consumer court scene, FIR Complaint, Sangeetha Academy Scene + CA boy, 'Veetu Vadagai' lady's dialogue]as it happens in a near by street.

Sujatha's sharp dialogues were sensitive enough to hurt any irresponsible citizen and make him think.(Gandhi Jayanthi oratory, Nedu Mudi Venu's Court Scene, Vikram's Kumural, Vijayashree-Padmashree)

Anniyan opens in the tremendous background of Triplicane temple where ambi (Vikram) & co. is out for
Margali Bhajan with his dad (Nedumudi Venu), friend(Vikram) and Pakathu aathu
maama. Ambi alias "Rules Ramanjuam" is a sincere lawyer who doesn't tolerate
"fault break wires", "unhygenic railway food", "drunkard cum electrical wireman"
& runs to consumer court.

"Multi Personality Disorder" Syndrome evokes his "anniyan" out and goes out killing all these guys. "Edhukku poyee enna kollanumaa ?" is the question put forward before these guys attain "Garuda Puranam" type of Naraga 'Killing'. "5 Kodi Paeru, Anjee Anjee Tadava, 5 Paisaa Thirudunaaa periya thappu thaan" is the answer given.

Ambi turns into Remo and ramps with Yana Gupta and speaks Yo english to woo Sadha.
Konjam over thaan...

Anniyan appers infront of whole full Nehru Stadium crowd and warns that killing of the irresponsible citizens and govt. servants will continue and claims that he has the full database through his site.

Movie ends where everybody changes and become responsible tax payers ["oroae laundryuku poatu edhutha maadheree palicheenoo irukku daa" is the dialogue where a old dad tells to his NRI Son via phone.] but not AMBI. (Watch the climax guys...director ennamoa solla naineecheerukaaru ??)

Hats off to camera work by Manikandan and Ravi verman who have captured Amsterdam Flower Show, Kung fu flight sequences with Time Slicing Technique, CG team portraying Naragam (Rs 3 lacs/ Sec???? tooo much paa), Sujatha's sharp dialogues, Peter Hyne's stunts, Saabu Cyril's stunning art work ("Randaakaa ..Randakaa..." Paint work, Model Ramp up sets, "Kanum Kanum Nokia", Thiruvayaaru Scene), Harris Jayaraj background BGM ("Nanda gopala" when ambi meets sadha), V.T.Vijayan's Editing, Prakash Raj and Vivek ("Kotaya veeteengala??":-):-):-)).

Sure it'ssuperhit

Shankar sir, next time, indha maadheeree theme ( Orro Flashback-Pathu murder-Yeatu Kumural) Vaendaamae ? Yeadhachu nalla Historic or Independence subject pannalaam. !!

Friday, June 24, 2005

(Kozhambu)Ounty and Pilchar(Rasam)

Most of the time i end up cooking mostly Ounty [Kozhambu] or Pilchar [ Rasam] for my Dinner. Ounty is a sourashtra term., now wait, what is sourashtra ? Long Long ago, thousands of people primarily from somanath temple area migrated from saurashtra region (western gujarat) towards south. it could be because of gazini's invasion or to showcase their silk weaving expertise. There are various theories behind this migration. ? We do identify ourselves as tamil outside as great poet Bharathy says it’s our “thandhayar language”. More about our community and culture in future blogs…

Coming back to Ounty, it will be delicious dish if made with Cauliflower, Potato, Brinjal, Garlic. I really feel home when I eat this. As Bharathiraja says “Man Vaasanai”, Ounty Vaasanai drives me crazy when its cooked. Thanks a lot to Ounty Boorkho [Koazhambu Podi] made by my sweet mom and our house maid in madurai. As soon as anybody taste this, the first question that they will put forward is “Which Sambar Powder is this?”. I always reply them that it is a home made magical powder which involves strict ratio mixing of masalas and mantras.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Currently Chewing, Reading and Listening


$3 Billion Investment - US & Maran

E-Wallet from Google


U Judge the Short Films - Amazon


40 Years Ruler of GE- Mr.Jack Welch shares his own experience on arugement that he had with more than 10000 people around few hundred countires. he says that that "Winnning is not good.its great"


1) Bose - the Forgotten Hero by AR.Rahman.
2) Anniyan - Harris Jayaraj.
3) Other new English Releases.
4) Old Rahman Hits - Iruvar

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Kannadaasan Pirandhanaal

“Evan Pola Yaar Endru Oor Solla Vaendum !”.

This line applies to our Kavipaerarasu Kannadasan whose innumerous tamil songs has revolutionized whole south culture. they were in the form of inspirations, sentiments, advises. it reached millions with strong messages which not only made them to analyze the meaning but also gave them whole sense of relaxation.

Most of the time things happen in life in a very random fashion. Some assumes
that either it is pre determined to happen. They call it as “fate”. “Thalai ezhuthu”
is the term used in tamil. Kavignar wrote scintillating verses about this theory
which goes like this:

“Kan Poana Pokeelae Kaal Poagalaama ?
Kaal Poaana Poakeelae Manam Poagalama ?”.

This song really rocks. I guess it is from “Panam Padaithavan”. B/W Movie.
Vishwanathan – Ramamurthy Music with good chorus and Western group dance,
Old day super star MGR singing with stunning voice of TMS were all added advantages
to this melody.

Simple Lyrics like “Kaalangalil aval Vasantham”…were also my favourite.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Calvin and Hobbes Quotes

Calvin and Hobbes Quotes -- Taken Out Of Context
(So that's what CAHQTOOC stands for)...

They only recognize greatness when some authority confirms it.

I find my life is a lot easier the lower I keep everyone's expectations.

Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of
it has tried to contact us.

Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words.

Either he's playing classical music at 78 RPM, or I'm still dreaming.

If something is so complicated that you can't explain it in 10 seconds, then it's probably not worth
knowing anyway.

Who wouldn't be interested in everything we do?!

Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around.

it's my dessert that's gross! look, a thermos full of phlegm!

My favorite ritual is eating three bowls of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs and watching TV
cartoons all Saturday morning.

A good compromise leaves everybody mad.

I hate being good (or trying to fake it).

But I like my idea better.

You know what we need, Hobbes? We need an attitude.

Idiocy is the essence of the male mind.

I thought my life would seem more interesting with a musical score and a laugh track.



You know you'll hate something when they won't tell you what it is.

Existence is not only temporary, it's pointless!

Well, it puts a bad day in perspective.

I flunked a test today, but I don't mind.

It's not denial. I'm just selective about the reality I accept.

'The world isn't fair, Calvin.' 'I know, but why isn't it ever unfair in my favor?'

Studies in Contemporary State-Sponsored Terrorism. ....Also known as gym class.

Heck, what's a little extortion among friends?

She didn't even give me credit for my professional clear plastic binder!

'I've been thinking, Hobbes.' 'On a weekend?' 'Well, it wasn't on purpose...'

I just can't identify with that kind of work ethic.

Rats. I thought I could make an easy four bucks.

As a math atheist, I should be excused from this.

-FLUSSH! Whee! Ha Ha Ha. -Mom, I'm done with my bath now.

This one's tricky. You have to use imaginary numbers, like eleventeen...

I don't need to study! I don't need to learn!

I can always get by on my good looks and charm!

Divine retribution, that's what!

Homework, I command thee, BE DONE!

What business is it of yours, jerk?!

How rude.

My dreams are getting way too literal.

Mothers are the necessity of invention.

I've been good all day so far.

Getting an inch of snow is like winning 10 cents in the lottery.

Childhood is short and maturity is forever.

I like to say 'quark'! Quark, quark, quark, quark!

What do they think I am, an engineer?

The longer you wait for the mail, the less there is in it.

People pay more attention to you when they think you're up to something.

Things are never quite as scary when you've got a best friend.

In my opinion, television validates existence.

Tuesdays don't start much worse than this.

Somehow I imagined this experience would be more rewarding.

-I don't DO math anymore. I decided I'm more of a visual person. -Visualize being the only
45-year-old in the first grade.

Boy, rough life, huh? What have YOU done today?!

I'm happy, but it's not like I'm ecstatic.

I'd explain it, but there's a lot of math.

There's no head rest on this chair! I should sue for whiplash!

I asked Mom if I was a gifted child...she said they certainly wouldn't have paid for me.

It's for the 'let Calvin live through recess fund.'

Never mind, Mom! Do we have any plastic bags?

OK, so I was wrong for once in my life! Shut up.

Another genius foiled by an incapable assistant.

I've got to start listening to those quiet, nagging doubts.

Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real, and you're just a reflection of him?

Ever notice how tense grownups get when they're recreating?

You can present the material, but you can't make me care.

From now on, I'll connect the dots my own way.

My bills always die in subcommittee.

I propose we leave math to the machines and go play outside.

Nice underpants.

He's so lazy and selfish.

One more nostalgic part of childhood goes THBPPTH.

It's that moment of dawning comprehension I live for.

I love the culture of victimhood.

Nothing I do is my fault.

I like to verb words.
I should be doing my homework now.

I'm learning real skills that I can apply throughout the rest of my life...Procrastinating and

Reality continues to ruin my life.

I liked things better when I didn't understand them.

Is it a right to remain ignorant?

Quit resisting, you!

I realized that the purpose of writing is to inflate weak ideas.

Obscure poor reasoning, and inhibit clarity.

It is man's indomitable nature to scare himself silly for no good reason!


I'm bored.

Let's ask it which of us is smarter.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Boring weekend !

It was a sick weekend for me.Sudden increase in temperature here in scottsdale or for god shake i dont know what is the reason, it caused me severe cold, throat pain, fever, etc. I was just browsing few online pharmacies.Walgreens Online Pharmacy has got good number of drugs categorised.eMedicine also has umpteen number of info. on all this stuff.
Some have i managed to watch "Ram" Tamil movie. Director Ameer has done a good job, but i felt that the movie is a mix of sethu and pithamagan. Though Actor Jeeva has done a decent job, he should improve a lot.The comedy actor in the movie steals the whole show with good madurai asecent. yaeh...enga oroo naa chummavaa.

Waiting for the arrival of ANNIYAN here.

Also, currently chewing...

Brainy ROBO getting designed TN Student. [tamil]

Microsoft's Avalanche is a BitTorrent clone

Anniyan Rules !!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Spelling or slpeling...

cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht
I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid,
aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it
deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod
are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and
lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a
taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a
porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed
ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.
Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was

gto in a eamli fw...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Kudos to IT Minister Maran !!

IT Minister Maran to talk with AMD, CISCO, Solectron,Scroeder, KLA-Tencor. Intel is already in. All the best sir.

Hindu's TYPO Mistake - Not first time though

Where am i in this globle?
Google Maps -Click here

Linux Architect moves to Microsoft
Top Notch People Moving from Microsoft to Google was last month's news.Now it's different. It's from Linux to MS.Daniel Robbins, the founder of Gentoo Linux and its former chief architect is gonna take Microsoft to Open Source Path.
btb, did you guys check out OPEN SOLARIS ?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Business as usual and Idly...

Mariott in Chennai

Intel Picks up India for $400mn Unit

IBM and MS investing in RF ID...

Chennai's Saravana Bhavan in NY
HSB always rocks. I was regular visitor of Saravana Bhavan, Al Karama, Dubai Branch.
Idlies and Sambar is almost same as the one we get in TN. These guys thrive hard to maintain quality and neatness. Anybody can inspect their kitchen anytime. Strong Filter Coffee and Onion Bhajji is also one of my fav. there. Apart from Providing good Service, the restaurant was always pretty much crowded. But i guess, they did open one more in deira branch.
As the site says, they also have opened one in Al Quasis and Sharjah. It was sad that when i left muscat, they did open a branch there. But in Muscat, we used to go to Ganga Restaurant, where the chefs from Karaikudi gave good dosa & Sambhar.They are located in Muscat Bakery which is near to Hindu Temple of Muscat & Al Falaz Hotel. Being in phoenix now, i didn't find the same tasty idly anywhere here even in near by tamil restaurant Udupi Cafe. But their lunch buffet is good with lots of Pongal, Unlimited Masal Dosa, Thirunvelveli Alwa...

Monday, June 13, 2005

Currently Chewing...

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt rules !! [image courtesy: tvnz]

Live - MJ's VerdictGod...try to save him if he is really not guilty. he is one of my all time fav MD.

Mphasis and IT Firms Mergers on BWI [authentication req.]

Amma laying stones for new projects

Satyam bags multi-million dollar deal

Tribute to Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy Function (tamil)

Friday, June 10, 2005

Indian VC Behind Google...Mr.Ram !

His Intro at ET
Visit his adobe
They say that Sherpalo means "a member of a Himalayan people who are skilled mountain climbers and who are often employed as guides by visiting climbers".
Pretty inspiring firm and guy !

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

SanDiego Trip

I had a long Memorial day Weekend and decided to visit San Diegowith some of my colleagues here.It's killing summer here in arizona desert [114F] and wanted to relax lightly from routine office works.

A picturesque city of southern California on San Diego Bay near the Mexican border; site of an important naval base My flight was on a saturday early morning to CA and
then we drove to San Deigo. On the way we had good Mexican Buretto and reached the place at around 6PM.
Had a nice time at San Deigo beach and then we rested at San Macros Ramada Plaza hotel. On the way from beach,we visited SanDiego's downtown too. Had a quick dinner at Panda Express. These guys serve very good fried rice and one of the trusted veg. food you can get here in US with spicy Sauce and Veg. Salad.

Next day morning, after completing breakfast in hotel and coffee at Paneera Bakery,
We rushed to SeaWorld where we gotta chance to see lot and lot of rare sea species apart from having fun water rides. The highlight was dolphin & sea dog shows. It took one hour to park and yes the samegroup makes "budwieser' beer. they had pretty good horses on their ranch too.

Memorial day morning we visited san diego zoo and had fun time with strange spicies from all over the world. best thing was the kind of habitat they created for each and every species there from lot and lot of $ donations from animal lovers in US. for 2 rhinos, they did make a artificial pool with 15000 gallon of circulating water and fall with rocks settings around. Told 'Hi' to Panda and African apes too. You guys can check out Panda at their Live CAM.

Evening We rushed back to LA and subsequently flew back to Phoenix. Got ready within 1 hour and rushed to office only to cherish the memories of SanDiego.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Thiruvaasagam in Symphony - Dr.Ilayaraja

[pic thanks: the hindu]

has confirmed that Maestro Ilayaraja is releasing his Symphony of Thiruvaasagam on June 10. Have you guys checked out his official site.

Tech - Currently Chewing...

VC news from Indian Blogger

IBM pitches in for RFID

Yahoo Launches Photo Mail Beta
Click here and enjoy the PhotoMail beta

Businessworld india [requires authentication] brings out the true facts about future bangalore which is blamed by all IT majors for poor infrastructure. I really wonder why chennai was not added in the favourable destination spots ? is it media or mafia ? come on guys...give me a break. as a responsible business magazine, try to give good unbiased articles.

World's Most Fun Amusement Parks 2005 on Forbes LifeStype Section

UN & SUN - Letter from Mr.Scott McNealy

Outlook and Anand's Inside Look ??

One more "Mandha Budhi" reviewer of Tamil Cinema is Mr. Anand from outlook who scirbbled some non-sense on [tamil movies and its caste basis]. that dude didnt stop with that cracks. after 2 weeks from that article release, having got good publicity [synonym for huge bad feedbacks in media term], He didn't fail to publish one more idiotic article on tamil cinema [Where are you from Mr.Anand ? Am sure you should be brought up in some other india cities mostly in North India, not necessarily from TN]. My Point is who the hell is he to talk about tamil cinema ? Even Manirathnam on this week's vikatan, applaudes simply made movies like "Kathal". Dude...Journolists like you...please dont forget that "Pen is mightier than Sword. Don't do street Larceny" :-) :-)

Tech - Currently Chewing...

VC Tips from India

IBM pitches in for RFID

Yahoo Launches Photo Mail Beta
Consumers can enjoy the PhotoMail beta by visiting .

Businessworld india [requires authentication] brings out the true facts about future bangalore which is blamed by all IT majors for poor infrastructure. I really wonder why chennai was not added in the favourable destination spots ? is it media or mafia ? come on guys...give me a break. as a responsible business magazine, try to give good unbiased articles.

World's Most Fun Amusement Parks 2005 on Forbes LifeStype Section

UN & SUN - Letter from Mr.Scott McNealy

Friday, June 03, 2005

Me and Mani

A scene in Kanathil Muthamitaal to begin with. Madhavan reaches Colombo to give a speech at Tamil Sangham. As a engineer and writer, Maddy says that "Sirlar solgeeraargal Pirapilayae Ezhuthaalan aaga vaendum endru. Poi. Suthaa Poi.Ezhuthaalan edhayum Unnipaaga Gavaneekaa Vaendum.Thaan Ezhudhum Kadhai Matravargal adhai veeda nandraaga ezhudhee veeduvaargala endru yoaseekaavaedum".
I guess Mani falls under this category.i guess he would go throguh his script atleast 100 times before he begins shooting it.before 10 years,i gotta chance to see his "Bombay" shooting of "kanallanae" song @ Madurai Thirumalai Nayakar Palace [My residence is very close to this palace].Rajiv Menon, the Photographer of the movie was yelling at all the dancers for not performing slow movements well. Mani was reshooting [arvind swamy seeing manisha from huge pillars] atleast 15 times. i was just wondering what is he expecting from that 3 seconds scene where arvind swamy will peep through pillars ["Maraindheerendhu paarkum Marumam enna"] in a slow motion. He was a very cool dude handling the situation very well. No wonder he could bring out energic camera angels and cheerful scripts. in his recent vikatan interview he made very clear that nayagan was 100% team work and as a responsible citizen he loves to tell the story about terrorism. Wouldnt it be a magic again if kamalhaasan and mani team works again.