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Its a blog on Emerging Technologies, Music, Film reviews. Have to name this blog as "We are the world" as that particular song is one of my all time favourite written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and sung by Multi-artist group of Dianna ross, Ray charles,Steve wonder,etc.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Rahman...Thujhe Salaam!

We just had a look of Rahman's panchathan Inn in previous article.
Time Magazinehas Recognized Rathnam's Roja as one of the best sound ever made.
Richard Corliss must be one of Mani Ratnam's obsessed fans. After picking MR's Nayakan for the 100 Best Films, he has chosen Mani Ratnam's maiden colloboration with A R Rahman, Roja, as one of the Best Soundtracks. Congrats Rahman. Wanna read more about Time's Article on Mozart from Madras, Click here...

Currently Chewing...

VoIP...next generation internet telephony.

WIRPO - India's First Corporate BLOG

Watch Anniyan Video trailor.
Looks like Shankar's Promo for Anniyan has been kicked off with the trailor creating scintillating waves among his fans. Photography is by Manikandan (Mein hoon naa fame) and Ravi Verma (I guess he worked for Bhagat Singh). Peter Hynes's Stunt should have come out very well.

Check out Matrix kind of fight (Kung fu) in the trailor.Debates on Harris Jayaraj performance is still going on. Film is hitting the theaters on 10th of June.

Here's another first for Tamil Nadu, but this one comes with shades of grey.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Inside Rahman's Panchathan Inn...

Everybody knows about Rahman's Panchathan Inn Studio at chennai which is one of the state of art. It's really excited to know about some of his equipments. Even though i don't know much about all these equipments, i found it excited to read. i have compiled these info from couple of sites and from other rahman fans.

The Acoustic Design & Architectural plans for the studios were made by Studio 440 , acoustic architects from CA, USA who have designed studios for Interscope/ Universal Music Group , Warner Brothers , Burbank , California and Saban Entertainment , just to name a few.The studios will not only house a full-blown Recording Suite but also a Film Mix Stage where final mix-downs will take place.

A local Architectural and Construction Company in Chennai has been appointed to execute the project and to ensure that all construction is done according to Studio 440's stringent plans and design. Studio 440 is overseeing the construction through site visits and correspondance together with DAXCO DIGITAL.

The Control Room is equipped with a 140 channel Euphonix System 5-M Digital Mixing Console with 2 cores . Having worked in several top studios in the UK , USA & Canada , Rahman had the opportunity to work with and evaluate all the large format consoles currently available in the market. He decided to go for the Euphonix System 5 as it gives him the speed, power and flexibility that he needs for his work which ranges from Music Recording & Mixing to 5.1 Mixing . Another important factor for Rahman was that the System 5 supports 24-bit / 96KhZ operation which allows him to work in the highest quality digital environment and to be ready for DVD Audio .

Recording will be done on the Euphonix 48-track 96kHz/ 24-bit R-1 Digital Audio Multi-track Recorder . The decision to use the R-1 Recorder was a natural one for Rahman, as it features a simple user-interface, superior sound quality , is highly efficient and reliable - and at 24bit / 96K perfect for DVD Audio .

The Monitoring System is a Miller & Kreisel 5.1 surround THX system. Some of the Outboard equipment includes Manley, Focusrite, Lexicon -960L,TC-6000

The Mix stage will be home to Thomlinson Holmen's Terrasect Speakers and the Main studio will be using exclusively designed George Massenburg Speakers.

Through the combination of professional design by Studio 440 , consultation and supply of state-of-the-art equipment by DAXCO DIGITAL , A.R. Rahman's Panchathan Record Inn will be one of the best designed and equipped Recording Studio in Asia.

Rahman tried DVD Audio with Boys. I guess he should be doing that with couple of more films. With Piracy and Mp3 killing the whole audio market,Hope Film Industry would come out with some solution.

His team includes Sound Engineers, H.Sridhar, S.Sivakumar & Aditya Modi {i guess, he is that Nayagan "Nallavara Kaetavara" KID). His manager Noell James, and Co-Ordinator Samidurai.

Check out few more info. on the equipments that our boss uses during composing

Check out for Euphonix in india link

Few his most awaited future projects are God Father, BF, The Rising and Water.

Monday Morning news...

Yahoo recently aquired a company named flickr,a popular photo sharing site for an undisclosed amount.

Microsoft's Mentor Mr.Gates Executive Mail where he speaks about next generation Software.

Mr.Chidambaram to Edit ET

Anniyan Confirmed on June 10th

Friday, May 20, 2005

Anna Univ to Nobel Prize Function + Google's Open Source

Check out the Univ link
Google's Open Source and API

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Indra Nooyey - Controversial Speech & her response

Check out Pepsi Co CFO, Ms. Indra nooyey's Controversial Speech @ Columbia Business Graduation.

This Powerful Executive Indian Born Women of America Piggy backs here.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Web 'archivelogy'...hindu reports on blog

check out hindu's report on BLOGGING, its positive and negative side.

+2 Sathya maeva Jayathae...

Hearty wishes to sathya (who wanna become heart surgeon). she hails from a
farmer family from Pa. Velur Thaluka.
she has scored TN state first in +2 exams. (god...what kind of mark is this
Tamil 196, English 189, Chemistry 200, Physics 200, Biology 200 and Maths 200
Total 1185 ). Congrata ma'm...all the best again.

Google's advise...

Advise are the cheapest thing available. it has been mathematically proved. u bet haa ? just google "advise"...didn't you get 33,700,000 results. if u search for "free results", you get only 14,200,000 results. so, remaining 19,500,000 results are available for your mastercard or visa. should we consider those as our valuable advises ? :-) :-)

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Pongal, Masala Dosa...

This weekend, i had visited Udupi Cafe which is near to Arizona State University for their lunch buffet. Surprisingly i met my SPVM senior Rubesh there. Coming back to their Menu, Pongal + (Unlimited...they say...i wasnt able to eat more than 2)Masala Dosa were my favourites. It's a typical tamil restaurant and sambar + chutney were quite tasty. Nothing to beat Madurai Sourashtra (my mother tongue) Pongal.

The same day evening, we went to SWADEE which serves authentic THAI food.

Watched "Hyderabad Blues". Not bad for a NRI movie.

Listening to "Annaonada Paatu" in Chandramukhi. Good work VidyaSagar & Harish Ragavendar. Remember,there is only one super star. that's our thalaivar rajini.

aree ...areee...aree..

Friday, May 13, 2005

TN Students - Toppers @ US University and IAS

Of 26 admitted to top United States school, half are from Chennai.
Check out this link from Hindu.

IAS Topper from TN.
Check out this link from Rediff.

No wonder bharathi Sang, "Kalvi seerandhi TN, engal Kamban Pirandha TN".
Vazhga Bharathi

List of Symbian OS Phones

Check out the entire list of Symbian OS phones here. Nokia n91 is the main attraction with Symbian OS version: v9,Weight: 160 g, Display: 176 x 208 pixels,Color Depth: 262k,Cameras: 2 megapixel camera (1600 x 1200 pixels) with 8x digital zoom,Browsing: XHTML browser,Connectivity: Bluetooth® technology v.2.0, USB 2.0, 3G, WLAN 802.11b/g,Memory: 4GB of internal dynamic memory [lot of mUsic...why u require iPod ?, i guess the music quality would be as par with Siemens SL45i, my old phone],,Additional 30MB of storage for contacts, calendar notes and events, text messages.

Currently Humming...

Since the release of Anniyan, I have been listening to "Kumari" almost daily. Wonderful Lyrics of Vairamuthu
[Andha Kadavulai veedavum Periyavan Oroovan Bhooomiyeel Ullaan Evan ?
Pen kangalai Parthu kadhalai Sollum Dhairiyam Ullavan Avan !
+ Melodious Harini, 'crispy' Shankar Mahadevan + Classy Tune + good Sax interlude & Mandolin with Mirudhangham. Guess, this is shot at Amsterdam Flower Show. Next comes our Ustaadh Hariharan's "Iyengar Veetu azhagae" again with Harini. "Areeyaamai thaan paereenbham" is a catchy line in this song. "Kadhal Yanai" is jazzy stuff. Indha vaaram Top 3, ithudan neeraivadaindhadhu. have a nice weekend.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Forbes - Ten Must-Read Tech Stories

Forbes article on "Ten Must-Read Tech Stories"

Google...at last best place for programmers

Philip Greenspun's Weblog
The engineering staff at Google threw a big party for Silicon Valley nerds last Thursday night, complete with band and Cinco de Mayo-themed food and drink. The last time I visited was so long ago that Segways were still cool (Google still has a few but today they gather dust in a corner). Google has grown up to employ over 3000 people and occupies a campus built for Silicon Graphics (SGI; kids: this was a Unix workstation company that bloomed in the late 1980s and faded as Sun grew). The center is built around a volleyball court and an endless pool, complete with lifeguard until 9 pm. The company provides all of the fun things that profitable companies can provide, e.g., haircuts, massages, day care for kids, free meals, etc.

Larry Page, one of the founders, gave an inspiring talk about what a great time this is to be an engineer. He recalled how at one point Google had five employees and two million customers. Outside of Internet applications it is tough to imagine where that would be possible. Page also talked about the enjoyment of launching something, getting feedback from users, and refining the service on the fly. The Google speakers made a persuasive case that there is no better place to be a programmer. No startup company is going to have a 5000-machine cluster available to launch a new service or a guaranteed first day audience of 100 million people. Financially it might also make much more sense to work at Google as opposed to a startup. For teams of engineers who create a lot of value for Google the company is able to hand out $millions or tens of $millions in bonuses, to be shared among a group of 5-10 programmers. That is admittedly a small percentage of the new advertising reveue that Google earns from a new service but it is in absolute terms more than someone is likely to make creating the same service at a startup, where hardly anyone is likely to find out about it and use it.

One of the anecdotes that Page related was about an experienced Silicon Valley executive who told him, several years ago, "in the long run, every company is led by either marketing or sales; you just have to choose which it is going to be in Google's case." This prophecy does indeed seem to be true for the big tech companies. Microsoft never does anything because an engineer thinks it is fun or cool; they wait for the marketing department to notice a new product from a competitor and then go to work. Oracle seems to be led by their sales organization. They add features if customers are telling the sales people "this is what I need to make it worth buying the next release." Google remains an engineering-led company. They launch Google Maps with satellite imagery because they can.

As I wandered through the party and through the offices I kept noticing more and more familiar faces and the names of former students whom I remembered as among the smartest and nicest. They will, of course, need all of those smart people if they are to deliver on their long-term goals. Doing search right will eventually require machine understanding of natural language, i.e., full artificial intelligence.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Long Live Writer Sujatha !!

Last week, Great tamil writer + Novelist + Scientist + Film dialogue writer
+ Azhwar's Prabhandham Researcher + etc,etc, Mr.Sujatha turned 70.
Happy b'day to him. May Perumal bless him with good health and let him live
for another 100 years. Every year let him give "Katradhum Paetradhum" in Vikatan & Ultimate Movie dialogues like Roja, Kanathil Muthamitaal.

Everytime i finish reading this weekly article in vikatan, i will do myself
a solemn promise to develop extensive reading habits. but i fail.

I was a regular reader of his novels and used to admire at Vasanth's intelligence.
"En iniya Eyaandheera" - a DD TV Serial which was originally our man's novel made
me to fell in love with this person.

He did mention about memory loss and "progressive compromise" on last week's
"Katradhum Paetradhum". I feel really sad for that. I pray god again to give him
long life...

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Lets welcome Anniyan

Atlast shankar released few stills of his latest venture "anniyan" in last week vikatan..he just don't wanna hype his movie among media and supposed to be a 30cr budjet movie.i cud figure out little bit of story from the stills. Since last week, i have been listening to this film songs (Harris Jayaraj hasn't done equal justice as Rahman does to any shankar's movie) and nothing gr8 for a shankar's movie.

i still remember listening "Hairabba" through out the day when Jeans was released.really went mad when i listened to 'Columbs', 'adhisayam' in dts theatre & of course, the legendary "madhumitha" BGM opening.

My Fav are "Kumaari" [Shankar mahadevan, harini], Kadhal yaanai [ Nakul [Boys fame?], G.V Praskash [Chikku Bhukku Rayeelu Kid]and Melwyn], Iyengar Veetu Azhagae [bunch of carnatic singers, Hariharan, Harini].

From the still, i can guess few outlines of this story.
a) vikram & sadaha are from Iyengar Family.
b) Hero is a lawyer.
c) Theme is again "Corruption".

All the best to Shankar Team. Film is expected to hit the screens on May End.