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Its a blog on Emerging Technologies, Music, Film reviews. Have to name this blog as "We are the world" as that particular song is one of my all time favourite written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and sung by Multi-artist group of Dianna ross, Ray charles,Steve wonder,etc.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Dilbert rules !!

[via www.dilbert.com]

Dilbert always tops the list of my favourite cartoon. Why don't Mr.Scott Adams who is the author open something like "Dilbert World" like Disney world. Scott Adams on Making of Dilbert

Google has deep relationship with Scott Adams and the news was that they might think about give a touch to their charming logo.

Check it out here.

Ashok is the desi character portrayed by scott who is intern/naive.

If you really want definition regarding processes which all CMM level 5 talks about, you can get it here.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Search never ends


MSN's Virtual Earth lets us do virtual, aerial tours of multiple locations by layering multiple search results onto a map of aerial images, some of which will show locations at a 45-degree angle. Microsoft founder Bill Gates introduced MSN Virtual Earth, a new component of the company's rapidly expanding collection of search technologies.They just wanted to compete with Google Earth which is pretty much out of earth.

Amazon's OpenSearch is their registered trademark and framed sentence, a way for search engines to publish their search results in a standard and accessible format. Also A9 Yellow Pages is a powerful local search competing with google's google with the few seconds search capability of 26 million digital images.

Perry Evans of mapquest is working out the easiest way to pull out yellow Page listings.a Denver-based entrepreneur, who pioneered online mapping with MapQuest Inc. in the 1990s and co-founded instant messaging company Jabber Inc., is getting ready to take on Google, Yahoo and Microsoft in the local Web search business. His New venture is local matters a 150-employee startup hawking private label technology to some of the biggest names in the Yellow Pages business.

Namma oroo local map search ennakeengoa varum ? but i already framed out a methodology here to crash local google service.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Currently Chewing...

Shahrukh for Lux and
Sania for Hundai
Ada Kadavulae !!

Why Paheli ? My choice would have been good edited version of Swades. Even the Black was totally screwed up with artificial acting of whole crew. especially that kid was horrible than rani and amitabh. generally mentally retarded kids are portrayed as sweet,innocent and beautiful. can anybody forget anjali ? Good films should make people think when they finish watching it. i guess this was again a quote from maniratnam. Certainly these oscar nominations and award are making us think, has jury become too old to watch and judge movies ?

Criminal Composers - Hindi Music

Chopra says "Its upsetting" I guess this dude wanted Mangal Pandey to dance around ooty trees & sing some paagal songs.

Namma oroo strike !

Gates & Sriram

New DVD Format is ready. Microsoft will write software. Intel will chip it. It's called HD-DVD. It's tough time for hackers to generate code for DVD breaking as it's gonna cost cheap for consumers. Thalivar Gates will announce it next year. I should read his The Road ahead again. It has been long time since i finished that book. I used to wonder when he talked about Tablet PCs during late ninties. Idhaellam nadakura kaareyaama ? I tought he is crazy but when i see my colleague's laptop with Tablet Screen and Pen, gosh...is this what you call as "Vision" ? No wonder he has topped theForbes again. Meanwhile Palm has entered some kind of peace agreement with Bill and soon we would see a smartphone/palm with windows in it.

Another namma oroo dude who has topped this year forbes is Venture Capitalist Mr.Ram Sriram, CEO of sherpalo who is the mastermind/mentor behind amazon and google.

btw, kosuru news is that Rs5 Lacs Gross - Freshers salary from Microsoft India It's happening at Anna University.

Monday, September 26, 2005

World Richest and Simplest Marraige, Congrats Paheli

World Richest Marraige Mr.Bhatia and Ms.Vanisha Mittal
Her dad just allowed her inside mittal's board. Marraige gift ?

World Simplest Marraige - Mr.Rishad Premji and Aditi Premji is known for his simplicity. I read a lot about this guy. One can't stop admire him as a Non-IT person known for his delegation of work and vision. One of the hardest working CEO and economic class flyer who starts his day at 4 AM and works late until midnight. When he travels around Wipro offices all over the world,he stays in the guest houses along with his colleagues.

I did talk about Paheli. It has become oscar nominee and ravi.k.chandran is amazing in this movie. wonder what this dude is shooting now ? supposed to be a Aamir khan and Kajol movie.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Toddlers letter to God...its cute !

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Little about Google and Google indians !

World's Fastest Growing Company. You wanna know the %. ok here it is...400,000%

Google and Telco

BTW, there is an indian (Mr.Nikesh Arora) on Google Eurpoean Management Board. Hats off !!

Google duo are climbing up steadily on Forbes

Impact of Google WiFi

Last but not the least, if you are interested to knew about Impact of Mr.Krishna Bharat, Principal Scientist, who heads the Bangalore R&D Operation. He is the one who conceived the idea for Google News when he wasn't able to find appropriate news after 9/11.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rita, Red (Green) Card, Bill, Maran

Rita is revolving around and creating a whole lot of problems. People in Houston have been asked to evacuate and my cousin there drove to Dallas on a painful 6 hrs trip. Latest news is that the freeway around is jam packed with vehicles for 100 miles.

Green card ? Forget it !!

Maran and Bill has announced lot of joint initiatives. Good thing is that Gates may travel to Chennai

RFID - Revolutionary technology !

RFID refers to the technology that uses devices attached to objects that transmit data to an RFID receiver. These devices can be large pieces of hardware the size of a small book like those attached to ocean containers or very small devices inserted into a label on a package. RFID has advantages over bar codes such as the ability to hold more data, the ability to change the stored data as processing occurs, does not require line-of-sight to transfer data and is very effective in harsh environments where bar code labels won't work.

For the past 6 months, lot of companies in silicon valley working on RFID were able to get VC funding.verichipcorp is one such company which has applications from Infant protection to Vibration Monitoring

From the US State of Virginia RFID enabling their drivers license to Walmart have kicked off the trail and implementation of this revolutionary technology.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Currently Chewing...

Sensex above 8400. Planning to invest? Check it out

“Teachers are paid to teach. Not to preach” – Dialogue of an oldie in the movie “sneakers” who decries his grand son’s teacher. It applies perfectly to few religious based schools in TN where they do full time preaching and part time teaching.

If at all you give a little damn taught about star movements…
Guru (Jupiter), the Lord that brings us all good things is moving from Virgo (Kanni Rasi) to Libra (Thula Rasi) on 19th September, 2005 and is going to remain there for the next one year which makes astrologers around to predict something for everybody.

Is it Aamir Khan’s Blog in MSN or Mangal Pandey ad?
Is it Bipasha Basu’s Blog in Rediff or some movie ad again?
MSN and Rediff should think better strategies to market.
Think different! Think Google!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Naatu Nadapu...

ET Awards Worth Visiting here and nominate your fav

Every body loves Raymond No doubt about that...thats the reason for EMMY Award.

Sania Mirza getting ready for Sunfeast tournament along with other participants .

Steve Balmer’s interview where he talks about innovations and upcoming products.

Another Trojan

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dosa Maavu @ indian store

It was a usual weekend shopping in indian store at chandler, AZ. after buying bittergourd, ginger, rice items, frozen partos, there was a small box with idli and dosa maavu. i cant think of making idli but wait why dont i try dosa maavu ? it has been long time since i made dosa here. even i hesitate myself to make that GITS Rava dosa stuff as am happy with cereal breakfast and a cup of soya milk. i really miss crispy dosa with onion chutney, ginger and brinjal chutneys. today morning i was able to make dosa and had it with 2 days old sambhar. not bad tough !!

while i read that they sell maavu on wheels in chennai, there are couple of neighbours near to my house in madurai who sell this. when was there last time, i was surprised by puliyodharai (ambat bath) mix, vatha kozhambu mix ad on a local cable tv.

Night dinner was at india gate which is supposed to be a authentic punjabi restaurant. sardar charged me $15 bucks without tax for a complete veg thali. he gave me some so called soup and 2 rotis with 3 tandoori masalas. there was a bengali/gujarathi marraige going on the other side of the restaurant. i could hear aunties (courtsey: walmart makeup kit) and uncle speaking "Hinglish" while couple of kids were dancing for some trillion times played desi MTV 90 hits along with fifties and sixties uncle who were wearing the sepoy mutiny suit. but wait, i wasnt able to see newly wed couples there? either they should have left the place ealier for some ritual or...anyway,vazhga manamakkal !

Friday, September 16, 2005

Apple iPod Nano

i just listened to iPod Nano which uses flash memory technology hard disk. The mp3 song quality is amazing with good clarity. decently ripped mp3s almost have CD quality. Even though the review of Creative Nomad Juke Box looks ok but its quality is fading and stereo output is poor. Apple has already started talking with Motorla for iPod-Phone.
What worries Applie is the sale of iPod Nanosale of iPod Nano which is yet to pick up.
You can read the honest review of this product here.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Naatu nadapu...

I scribbled in my previous blog that HLL Kissan annapurna is facing tough competition from ITC ashirwaad. ET has a article on this.

Madam Britney has become Proud Mom. Looks like they may name their kid "london" as her romance with Kevin started there. You can send her the best wishes here where there is official announcement. Guess what the kid will sing, if he comes to kollywood. "Machaan peru london"...:-)

Intelligent Sardars are among the largest number of crorepatis in india. This particular community is global and really spread around all corners of globe. All states in USA to any prominent country has bunch of punjabi restaurants. In Bangalore,i used to like Aaloo/Gobi Parrata of Lalithas,Domlur and Swaadh, Jeevan bhima nagar. The one restaurant in CMH Road opposite to Sukh Sagar is worth trying.

We know that "Kal thondree Man thondraa Kalathae, Mun thondree Mootha Kudee Tamil Kudee".Vasanthan Blog has some info.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Linkin park...

Bill Gates on Microsoft's vision for midsize companies

Ascendas to invest more in IT parks

Ennore port connectivity

Rahman Bangalore Concert tickets goes mobile

No rift with IT firms: Dharam Singh

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hum & Tum (Yash, Aditya Chopra)

Yash chopra's Darr was good. even though king khan overacted and cries for kiran,i liked that movie because of juhi, good blend of screenplay and story, shiv-hari's wonderful music.(what happened this music directors ? they are supposed to be best tablaeu players)

Last weekend, accidentally i had to watch "hum tum" which gave away national award to saif. i hate to watch anu malik movies because of its wild background score with idiotic sentimental chorus.when do these bollywood chaps will come to real world and make a story & give a good music...god knows ? somehave they are able to market it and make bucks. what non-sense songs in the movie ? i still remember somebody telling me that 'hum tum' songs are big hit. those songs wouldnt even fall under music category, all i can say is, they are voice recordings/renderings of male and female playback singers with a mix of standard hindi instruments. do these music directors listen to rahman or atleast old hindi songs ?

the story line was so artificial and to hell with, movie is a hit. rishikapoor appeared full screen and sang that same old bobby's song in paris (which is actually amsterdam)and rani's overacting & her voice...somehave i hated rani from the beginning. Saif was quite natural and his character was just a enlargement of dil chatha hai's sameer with little bit responsiblity of making cartoons. but national award is ...konjam over thaan. few questioned jury sharmila tagore who is supposed to be the mum of saif, not in the movie, in the real life.

when do these chopras and johars would learn direction and story telling without bad sentiments? not all bollywood directors are like this. faran akthar,deepa metha, sekhar kapur, subash ghai, ketha mehta, rakesh mairas are known for their directions.

Even though, 'hum tum' is based on a plot of english movie "When Harry Met Sally",the custom made hindi masala did spoil the movie.

Better luck to make some good movies guys!

Monday, September 12, 2005

SIEBEL, Skype, PalmSource - Companies bought out !!

Oracle buying Siebel
Mr.Larry Ellison is on buying spree. This math drop out turned $2000 worth oracle to more than $11 billion in less than 20 years. What would be his next target ? The way Oracle combines their product,i guess, it would be any portal or BPM or EAI product company.

EBay buying Skype Skype has 48 million online users competing with google talk and Yahoo IM with Voice. Looks like VoIP market has good future. There was a rumour last week that media tycoon Rupert Murdoch was also on talk with skype to buy out which didnt have a good end.

PalmSource bought out One more last week !

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Currently Chewing...Killing Google to Top 10 Gadjets

I will kill Google ! says Microsoft CEO Balmer

HP to reschedule conference

Swiss Army Knife of DVD Player

Top 10 Sexiest Gadjets

ITC to launch Potato chips, Soaps & Detergents

ITC to launch Potato Chips Will there be a statuary warning like "Continuos couching of potato is injurious to health ?? Whether there is warning or not, it is a big threat to PepsiCo Lays and PG Pringles. a year back, Kissan annapurna was overtaken by ITC Ashirwaad because of its quality, packaging and pricing.

ITC Chairman on Non-Tobacco Sector

Disney adventure

It was a long weekend here in US last week as they celebrate labour day on first monday of september. I decided to drive to Orlando to visit world's happiest celebration on earth, Disney world. Booked Hopper ticket for visiting for theme parks ( Disney-MGM Studio, Disney EPCOT, Disney Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom).
monorail system
It's a heaven of 48000 acres interconnected by monorail system, disney shuttles and even a ferry with few stops.

I started with Disney-MGM Studio and clicked pics with few of disney characters.
Lights, Motors, Action! was the extreme Stunt Show "gifted" from Walt Disney Studios Paris features the bombastic best of the movie industry's stunt masters. But nothing to compare with Universal studios, CA.

Same day afternoon,i hit Disney EPCOT which is Walt Disney's dream of the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow.

Next day morning, it was the main attraction, "Disney Magic Kingdom".
"Cinderellabration," an enchanting musical spectacular direct from Tokyo Disneyland Park which is performed on the castle stage, containing "happily-ever-after" story of Cinderella with elaborate costumes and a host of favorite characters that bring to life the coronation of this favorite Disney princess. The castle on the entrance is really kool. check out their pics on my Canon Digital Powershot G3.
Castle Pic 1
Castle Pic 2
Castle Pic 3

Disney was always with technology alignment and no wonder they introduced the Mono rail system in early 70s and rebuilt it in 90s.Mono rail Pic. Interested in knowing about this great visionary, check it out. Also check his Pic with his partner in the entrance.i clicked this dude in the castle shopping center with lot of tatoos and he was really having keen look on those swords.

Next hit was Disney Animal Kingdom which is certainly not a traditional zoo. it is spread around in 500 acres with 2500 species of animals & 2 million herb, plants, grass and trees. Worth visiting this place and it has asian/african/dino section.
asian safari section brings back the exotic settings of "Anandpur" with temple ruins and Chakranadhi river rafting. If you are at this place on sunday, dont miss the parade of disney characters.

Good hotels at around $50 per night are near to disney. There is a indian punjabi restaurant on I-592 W which is 7 miles from disney. Only problem with orlando,FL is you never knew when it will rain or hit by storms. most of the time on the way back to ft.lauderdale, all vehicles were moving with blinkers on as heavy rain hits on every alternative mile.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Song Listing For Water Album - AR Rahman

Deepa Mehta's Water may open TORONTO FILM Festival. looks like AR.Rahman Song list for WATER is released and some new lyricst RAQUEEB ALAM (What happened to MEHBOOB of Rangeela ?) has penned in all the songs. As usual rahman hindi favourite singers like Sukhwinder and Sadhaana Sargam tops the list. Vaibhav Sharma is the one who gave "100 kichukichu" in Baba and she has done a number. she has a lovely and sharp voice. looks like KAUSHIKI is a new introduction.
Rahman's new studio in chennai is up and running, supposed to be asia's futuristic sound recording studio with the facilities to cut DVD Audio. Heard that last week lata mangaeskar was there to record a song for Rakeysh Mehra ('Aks' fame)'s Rang De Basanthi where Aamir Khan sports a kool new look.

Song Listing For Water Album

There is a listing of the songs in the Water album on the website,
and appearantly there are six songs:

" Aayo Re Sakhi "
Composed by by A.R. RAHMAN

" Piya Ho "
Composed by by A.R. RAHMAN

" Naina Neer"
Composed by A.R. RAHMAN

"Sham Rang Bhar Do""
Composed by by A.R. RAHMAN

"Vaishnava Janato"
Composed by by A.R. RAHMAN

"Bhangari Marori"
Composed by by A.R. RAHMAN

Strings Orchestrated and conducted by SRINIVAS MURTHY

Violin Leader


Kol & Percussion


Indian Rhythm

Additional Music Editing

Sound Engineers

Assistant Sound Engineer

"Die Schone Mullerin"


Piano performed by ELIF ISIKOZLU
"Ghunghat Ke Pat Khol Re"

Performed by JUTHIKJA ROY



10 more days for 9/11 which is a day to remember the innocent people who were buried alive in NY. Every responsible person in this world will condemn this even tough lot of stupid things are done by current goverment's "war against terror" only to loot and destroy the oil resources in iraq, afganisthan.

Even tough michael moore Farenhiet 9/11 wasn't able to edge out the ignorance from americans mind, some of the stickers in car is really scary. one such was " we still remember 9/11. we wouldn't forget it". Some people study nonviolence only in books ? or may be they remember gandhi only if it is attached with another word like 'restaurant' or 'cuisine' just to taste the spicy indian curries.

"Even action has a equal and opposite reaction"

Is Semi nude pic of Sadaam Hussain by london weekly sun is something to do with recent bomb blasts in london ?.

2 days back, Mr.President was shouting behind the TV Screens 'we wouldn't bring back our soldiers from iraq. we fight the war until we win, until we win against terror'. same time almost new orleans reported that thousands are feared dead destroying the entire city rattling entire energy market. recent announcement should bring some relief to all these people.